How to make your rental feel like a home.

How to make your rental feel like a home

How to make your rental feel like a home.

While our mission is to help more Australians achieve home ownership, that doesn’t mean that we don’t also want to ensure that if you’ve yet to make the move, where you currently call home whether it be a rental, with friends or family, has the feeling of a place of your own.

…And there’s a few ways you can do this while not blowing the budget or your bond. Let’s make that house feel like a home until you’re ready to make the move.

Now before we get into the guide, at all times please respect your landlord’s rules and regulations so please take this into account when making your rental feel like a home and taking onboard some of our tips below. That could get us both in trouble…and we don’t like trouble…sometimes lol

  1. Negotiate a longer period of lease: While this is not a decorating tip, it will give you that sense of longevity. The longer the certainty the more worthwhile the time to invest in making your rental feel like a home will feel.
  2. Think outside (the house): A lot of people we speak to sometimes forget that as much as you can decorate the inside of a home, you can also do the same for the outside. Got a spot for a raised bed vege patch? Or have a favourite plant? Perhaps you’re a bit of an artist and have a few statues in storage? A few changes outdoors can have you entering int what feels like home everyday.
  3. Go green: Greenery is a great way to express yourself and there’s also another benefit. Nurturing a plant as it grows not only is a great stress reliever but also can make it feel like you have a better connection to the house.
  4. Turn on the lights: Let’s face it, rentals at most times don’t have great lighting. A different choice of globe could make you the world of difference. A lamp here and there will also give you the opportunity to buy pieces that reflect who you are and add a little bit of you into the room.
  5. Put together a proposal: Lastly, you wouldn’t be reading this blog if you weren’t thinking of decorating and couldn’t wait to make it really feel like home. And while it can feel limiting don’t be scared to put together a proposal for your landlord to consider. There have even been cases where people have done this and reduced their rent as they were adding such value to the home.

What it all boils down to. Making a rental feel like home isn’t ‘Mission Impossible’ you’ve just got to be a little measured, strategic and flexible.

The key is to find your vision for your home and knowing the boundaries from your landlord. But like the last point, if you can put together something to be approved, there’s a chance that there maybe compromises made. We know how important a home is, and the ‘feeling’ of home is like. And even if you’re not ready right now, we hope that you’re enjoying the information and one day get to help you get there. From the first to the last step.

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