How to turn New Years Resolutions into long term accomplishments!

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How to turn New Years Resolutions into long term accomplishments!

Who can resist making New Years Resolutions? Certainly not us. But what happens when the shine of the new year wears off mid January and you find yourself breaking all those wonderful promises you made yourself.

When a new year dawns we dream again of a better version of ourselves and our lives. One in which we’ll be more productive, happier, thinner, wealthier, nicer…the possibilities are endless.

If you’ve set resolutions for 2018, here are some tips to maximise your success.

Remember and learn from the past experience

Analyse the resolutions you have made in previous years and look at what worked and what didn’t and why, then formulate a new plan or strategy to achieve these ones or new ones. Having a new strategy will make you more likely to succeed.

If you’re not a morning person and evening hours are your most productive time, don’t set a goal to wok out in the morning before work as you are more likely to feel energetic and motivated later in the day, so try after work.

Do some research, anticipate challenges and put in place the necessary solutions and support. Taking a new approach or angle to an old resolution will allow you to start the year with more hope and commitment to change.

Know or get to know yourself

Set realistic goals based on your priorities, strengths, preferences and rhythms. Someone else’s prescription for achieving health, wealth, or any other goal is unlikely to work in exactly the same way for you.

We probably all know someone who’s lost weight and declared that they ‘have the answer’. Only to describe an approach that you’ve tried but hasn’t worked for you.

Working with your own nature, rather than against it, will help you make smarter choices and position you for long-term success.

Hold yourself accountable

Start a diary or journal to keep track of both your successes and failures. You’re more likely to continue with a new activity that’s measured and progress is visible. This is one reason why fitness trackers have been found to increase people’s activity – the feedback is satisfying and motivating.

So find a way to track and chart your progress. It can be as simple as a star chart on the fridge, a new app for food monitoring, or software to track finances. Just make sure you update and access the information regularly to keep you on track.

Don’t rely solely on motivation and will-power

We’ve all been there, and some people have more will power than others. Know how much you have and put in place some support systems to help you achieve your goals. For example, make a plan with a friend or even a specialist ie; a trainer, your accountant etc. Meet or talk to them when you feel you are slipping to re-motivate you and get you back on track.

Make resolutions your new habits

They say it only takes 72 hours for to make something a habit. Habits are actions that occur regularly but with little thought or determination. They can be harmful, such as critical self-talk, or helpful, such as cleaning your teeth.Start with small easy changes and when they become habits the success will motivate you to continue on your more challenging goals.

Ideally we need to turn our resolutions from new, easily over-looked activities, into a central part of our lives. Making a healthy lunch the night before so you don’t run out of time in the morning and even meal planning on the weekend.

Make your habits work in your favour and you just might find yourself winning the resolution game this year.

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