Planning Your Interior Design

Planning Your Interior Design

Planning Your Interior Design

What’s more fun than planning the interior design for a brand new home, enabling you to channel your personality and unique style for all to see? It’s a blank canvas sitting before you, waiting to be filled and painted with everything that you’ve ever wanted. However, before you can get down to the actual painting, gluing, and dusting, you first need a design and budgeting plan.

We’re going to look at the top 5 interior design trends sweeping 2018 right now, as well as curating an interior design budget that works for you and your family:

Bold Furniture Patterns:

Since we’re seeing a movement towards bright, white walls or white washed coloring, like a light green, big, bold furniture patterns are in as they perfectly complement the simple wall coloring. Whether it’s tribal, nature inspired, or any combination, throw pillows, blankets, couches, rugs, and any other kind of furniture items can definitely sport crazy patterns safely against a bright, simple wall.

Chrome Fixtures:

Shiny accessories also go great with muted grays and off-whites, creating a clean and eye-catching appearance. You can use these chrome fixtures as finishing accents, accessories, lamps, and more, giving the room a “pop” while also complementing natural lighting nicely. Consider a tall, elegant tap in chrome to make your kitchen or bathroom look more luxurious.

Mixed Textures:

Going off the furniture point, we’re also seeing mixed textures today. Throw a canvas on a tiled wall, or a furry rug on a smooth wooden floor. It’s a natural contrast that creates an attention-grabbing combination to our eyes. It’s an easy way to spice up a room without putting a lot of money into it.

Floral Designs:

Whether you’re into florals or not, floral designs are big in wall papers, painting, furniture, and more today. Flower patterns can be highly modifiable, used to accent solid colors as well as cover a wall or large furniture piece. Pro tip: try and use flowers that match the flowers found in your environment.

Vintage Accessories:

Do vintage accessories ever go out of style? Grab a bar cart or old fashioned salt and pepper shakers for your table from the local antique store or even a garage sale. It gives a nice depth and historic personality to your home without requiring a lot of investment effort on your end. Plus, who doesn’t like antique shopping?

Budget for Your Interiors

When it comes to the interior of our home, we don’t want to settle for second best. We want to pour our heart and soul into the accents, accessories, and furniture items, which is why you need money left over for such an investment. Here at First Step Homes, we provide you with low and no deposit home loan solutions, so you can invest in your interior design today. It’s time to start developing your interior design budget.

Have your interior design ideas ready? Take the first step today and see them come to life.

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